Barre Belles (HIIT)

This class is a faster tempo class and offers a combination of the muscular endurance benefits of barre and the fat blasting elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT burns 25 to 30% more calories). Each set will consist of a cardio element which is the intense burst of activity or HIIT, which will keep the heart rate elevated  and burn more calories.  This class will increase your metabolism and keep that fat burning continuing after you leave the studio. 

This is the only class with kettlebells. Kettlebells add cardio, strength and flexibility training in for all of those busy schedules.  The benefits of kettlebells is the strength training from throwing the weights around for creating dense muscle mass, which in turns burns calories from all of the fat stored all day long while increasing that resting metabolism.  Kettlebells also strength the tendons and ligaments, which make joints tougher and lessen the susceptibility to injury.

This class has a 15 client limit. Each client is encouraged to bring extra water and a towel.