Erin Tate

Instructor / Owner
Erin Tate

Erin is a Kentucky girl who danced her way from ballet at age 5 to high school where she was on several championship dance teams. Erin continued her collegiate dance career as a Western Kentucky University Topperette and earned a bachelor degree in exercise science. During her senior year, Erin discovered her love for barre and began teaching barre as an instructor for an area barre studio. Upon graduation, she moved to Brandon, Mississippi where she met her husband and together they have 2 children.

Erin has continued her passion for teaching barre in the Jackson metro area where she even taught classes on the day of the birth of her first child. Erin firmly believes that the level of fitness she obtained from barre exercises helped immensely in the labor and delivery of her daughter.

In addition to barre, Erin enjoys powerlifting and exploring other forms of exercise and fitness. She loves pushing herself to find out how strong she can be. She has set personal bests of twice her body weight on powerlifting exercises like deadlift, squats, and bench press.

Continuing her love for fitness and barre, she, and her partner Ele, are bringing Brandon a new spin on a traditional barre workout. Erin is driven by a passion to help other women become confident and strong. In addition to her degree in Exercise Science, she also holds a certification in the American Barre technique. Erin is driven by a passion to help other women become confident and strong.

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