Barre Burn

The Barre Burn has all of the elements of the Basic Barre Class but with a hot twist! The room is heated to 85 degrees f. The heat creates an exhilarating detoxifying sweat, results in the flushing of toxins from your blood and metabolic waste from your muscles. With the increase in heat, Blood flow is increased and fresh oxygen is being delivered to the body. The added heat allows the muscles to release toxins, stretch deeper, and increase those endorphins and increase that mood.  Exercising in the heat provides many physical benefits such as softening collagen around the joints, strengthening the heart and cardiovascular systems, speeding up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, rejuvenating the skin, and assisting in the removal of toxins from the body, and aiding in the reduction in the time it takes the body to recover from an injury.

Each client is encouraged to bring extra water and a towel.